I'm grateful to all of you trying to keep the rest of us healthy.
Lessons from Maine, and a foray into first class.
Even before Vegetary January began, we gave this big, easy vegetarian pizza a go.
No, seriously. It'll be delicious.
A guide to cranberry sauce, and some of the many, many ways you can make it even more delicious
Also – maybe consider shopping for Thanksgiving groceries on Friday. No later than Sunday. Ooof. I went shopping the day before Thanksgiving once. NEVER…
Don't worry, we're getting to stuffing and cranberry sauce and gravy next week
First things first, though – buy some plastic wrap to cover your phone/tablet/computer in the kitchen. Not kidding.
Three styles of mashed potatoes, three levels of difficulty — all of them, delicious.
Check in with The83k all this month for more Thanksgiving tips and recipes
We'll have more Thanksgiving guides and recipes as Turkey Day approaches
Forty-One Thousand Five Hundred just doesn't have the same ring to it